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Prefabricated buildings are fast, ready and durable. Now, with Pesina, it is packed and ready to install.

Select a prefab house model and together customise it.

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About Pesina

Pesina is a company with engineering background blended with a best customer satisfaction.

Pesina Steel Construction Company is based in Istanbul, Turkiye. We build prefabricated buildings for mining and construction site camps, residential prefabricated homes, container houses etc.

Besides, we supply various building materials for construction companies, contractors, oil companies and so on.

prefabricated buildings
Some of Our Prefabricated Buildings
- 01

Educational Buildings

School buildings, Universities, Student Accommodation Buildings, Dormitories, cafeterias, Dining Halls are well-known example to Steel Framed Structures.

- 02

Site Office Buildings, Workers’ Accommodation Buildings, Ablution, Dining Halls etc. are examples of temporary prefab buildings with modular construction.

- 03

Health Facilities

Hospitals, Emergency and Intense Care Units are much evaluated these Covid-19 days throughout the world. Steel Framed Buildings with fast & dry construction are simply life savers these days. Prefabricated buildings are a good solution.

- 04

Metal Structures & Buildings

Steel Warehouses, Strorage Buildings, Hangars, Factory and Workshop buildings etc. assembled with bolts&nuts steel structure are well-known  examples to this kind. Metal buildings are generally constructed in an easy and efficient way.

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Please see some of ready designs. Together we will fine tune the design and selection of materials. Sure,you are free to select any color in any model

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