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At Pesina, we listen our clients and care about their dream of better living spaces.

From 10 m2 to 10,000 m2, every building has purpose and target for realizing the least requirements. Steel Framed Houses and buildings have long lasting reputation of practical, fast and dry construction. And this is where Pesina Construction come to scene. From the ready made design to much customed architechtural spaces, we give the image a solid and real touch.

Keywords: Prefabricated houses, modular buildings, steel framed houses


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Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings, Modular Houses

Pesina Is Specialized Company For Prefabricated Buildings and Prefab Building Elements

Prefabricated Buildings, modular houses will be a tendency more then ever for the future. Its practical applications, factory controlled environment manufacturing, steel frames usage

What are the advantages of Prefab Houses?

Especially at countrysides, out of towns, building a house can be a tough job. Prefab Houses with dry and modular construction may facilitate and make easier.

How can we order?

Pesina is based in Istanbul, Turkey. After we prepare and ship your house/ building to an international sea port or destination country’s customs, your hired customs agent will handle the documentation etc. The rest is local transportation and local workmanship for installation.

prefab tiny houses

Prefab Tiny Houses

Check for prefab tiny houses. It is relocatable, removable with steel chasis floor.

Yellow House Prefab Home

Prefab Modular Wall Houses

Check for modular wall houses. You can customize it according to your needs.