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Prefabricated Buildings As Other Solutions

Prefabricated Buildings solutions are not limited to residential single houses. We serve for various building needs as well.

Schools, dormitories, construction or mining site buildings, hospital buildings are some examples.

We listed these in detail as below

Structural Design
prefabricated buildings
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Educational Buildings

Prefabricated buildings may be applied as Schools, Universities, Student Accommodation Buildings, Dormitories with ease and economically.

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Mining sites, Construction sites

Mining sites, intercities road construction etc. are generally far from city. So for the temporary buildings needs for offices, dining halls, accommodation buildings, workers accommodation buildings and dormitories, modular construction is the best option.

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Health Facilities

Due to wide spread diseases and pandemy, people are more aware of modular construction and speed.

Hospitals, intense care units, polyclinic etc. are some examples for modular construction. Prefabricated buildings are also a good solution for this.

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Metal buildings are steel structure building with large span for various usage, such as warehouses, factory buildings, workshops etc. Kind of a prefabricated buildings solutions.

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According to AISI, North American Standards and Eurocode, we structurally design and submit to our clients