Container Data Center

Container Data Center - Backbone of Modern Corporates

Container data center is one of the trends in the IT and Database industry as a portable and flexible data center solution. As Pesina, together with our solution partner Rebox Yapı, we provide manufacturing services in line with the needs of this sector with our special solution prefabricated and container solutions.

The container data center houses server, storage, networking, power, cooling, fire suppression, security, and monitoring systems.

Modular data centers can be quickly and easily deployed and scaled wherever they are needed. Such data centers have a different architecture than traditional data centers, and data storage and processing equipment is hosted in standardized containers.

In order to increase the efficiency of refrigeration equipment, thermal insulation is of great importance, as is waterproofing.

This allows data centers to be made more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

Containers manufactured for Data Center are special equipment and must be waterproof and airtight. IP57 or IP65 containers are manufactured with a high degree of water, dust, etc. impermeability.

In addition, ventilation grilles for refrigeration equipment must be opened. Precautions are taken to prevent animals such as rodents or birds from entering the container through these grills.

Eliminating the risk of fire caused by electrical and cooling installations is of great importance for Data Centers, and it is essential to increase the fire resistance of the special container. Mineral wool is the most useful material for both providing heat insulation and not compromising on fire resistance.

Edge data centers are typically smaller establishments situated at the fringes of an IP network, expanding to “edge” to furnish computing assets to users in localized areas. They are frequently utilized to facilitate faster data transmission in remote locations, as the data does not travel to and from the main hyperscale data center. Despite being smaller in size compared to traditional data centers, edge centers necessiate identical computing infrastructure.


Container Data Center - For Edge Data Center Solutions

Containerized Data Center is preferred for many reasons. First of all, in factories and industrial establishments, there may not be the necessary space in existing buildings for servers. In this case, instead of constructing a reinforced concrete building from a scratch only for the data center may not be quite necessary. In this case, prefabricated data center turns out to be a necessity.

Another aspect is, companies may prefer to keep their data inhouse to keep their information and trade secrets.

As 5G and IOT (Internet of Things) machine-to-machine communication increases, cyber security and storage are becoming more important, and it will be becoming increasingly important for companies in the future.

Pesina together with Rebox Prefab located in Turkey, now ready to become a solution partner worldwide to IT industry to manufacture and supply tailor made solutions.