Prefabricated Houses Ghana



Click here if you would like to see  some models of affordable prefab homes. 

For modular house type, electrical wiring is overplaster. Since walls are modular to ensure the speed and economy.

Prefabricated houses prices depends on the area, finishes etc. Please contact us for more information.



Container Homes aka Tiny homes, removable houses with chassis. It is generally temporary solution for accommodation, site offices etc. After you have finished your requirement for container homes you may get it to another place and so on.

We have foldable and flatback solutions that will ease the installation at site.

It comes with basic electrical wiring, floor etc. You may put it on concrete blocks as well as concrete flat surface. To see some ready models, click here!

 Steel Framed Houses in Ghana may be chosen for their durability, flexibility etc.

Pesina now offers Steel Framed Houses for Ghana.  We use this galvanized steel to frame our buildings.

Some Faq’s steel framed homes for our operations are listed below

  • How do you make the transportation of the building?

We are making the shipment as demountable through vessels. You have to get assembled at its place. It will be easy since connections are bolts and nuts (no welding at site).

  • Which port will you deliver the goods?

 Port of Tema (as CFR or CIF terms). Or specify your suggestion for port. For customs and duties and inland transportation to Accra or Tamale, Takoradi etc. please consult to your local agent(s).

  • What will be included to house materials?


 Rough Construction above floor level. Some finishes are included. Consult your Sales Responsible. You may construct beautiful Mansionettes, double storey houses and villa type houses.

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