Prefabricated Houses have factory made modules which will fasten the construction time especially in rural areas. 

Pesina offers prefabricated villas and homes in kit which includes bathrooms, kitchen. Before construction of upperstructure, please take into consideration that flooring concrete should be laid out before installation.

We offer some ready layouts and models. That will be more economical solution if you pick those models. Because they are architecturally ready.

Giving the flexibility and freedom of options available, you can easily customize your house according to your needs.

Residential Prefab Homes 2 Bedroom

Yellow House 104m2

2 Rooms * 1 Living Room * Kitchen * 1 Bathroom

Prefab Homes 2 Bedroom is manufactured with modular wall and steel roof in order to easily mount. Building properties and specificitations are listed below;

Fibercement plate is cement based manufactured plates that are used in walls. They are hard and durable materials like concrete but prepared as a ready plates.

EPS Rigid Foam are Polystyrene foam that are widely available in many cases for heat insulation purposes. Together with fibercement plates they are hard and durable sandwich panels with heat insulation. 

Building Area: 104m2

Exterior Walls: 10cm thick (Fibercement Plate-EPS Rigid Foam-Fibercement)

Interior Partition Walls: 6 cm thick (Fibercement Plate-EPS Rigid Foam-Fibercement)

Windows: PVC Windows with double glazing

Exterior Door: Decorative Security Door with locks and handles

Interior Doors: Wooden Panel Doors

Electricity: Basic electrical wiring and lamps, sockets etc. are included

Roofing: Metal Sheet, Glasswool

Gutter&Downspout: Not Included (Optional)

Flooring: Not Included (Optional)

Fence & Railings: Not Included (Optional)

Furniture: Not Included (Optional)

Bathroom with WC: 1 set