Steel Framed Houses

Steel Framed Houses are flexible way of construction house. Due to steel framing, it is strong comparing to lightweight of the whole structure. Unlike other prefab or modular construction, it gives some flexibility in design.

When building the house, insulation, vapor barriers, exterior and interior sheeting used. So, unlike from brick house it does not require additional insulation layer.

The most well-know steel framing system is LGS Light Gauge Steel which consists galvanized steel frames. As galvanization prevents corrosion in steel, durability of steel framed houses is 60 years or more.

Steel is recyclable material. So it is environment friendly and occurs no rubble like concrete.

Is there any need for foundation for steel framed houses?

We will help you prepare your foundation plan. Or if you may send your soil report we may advise you foundation plan. Notice that you may have to get local authorities’ approval.

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