Workers Accommodation

Revolutionize your Mining and Construction Site with

Pesina's Prefab Accommodation Solutions

If you’re looking for workers accommodation solutions for your mining or construction site, look no further than Pesina. Our modular construction buildings offer a quick and convenient solution to the problem of providing on-site living quarters for your staff.

Our prefabricated accommodation options are the perfect choice for any construction project that is far from towns or difficult to commute. Our modular buildings can be quickly and easily assembled on-site, providing comfortable living quarters for your workers in no time.

At Pesina, we offer a wide range of modular temporary accommodation buildings and their annexes, including canteens, dining halls, toilets, and bathrooms. We also provide essential furniture items such as bunks, wardrobes, mattresses, and pillows, ensuring that your staff have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Our modular buildings are designed to be both durable and flexible, making them the ideal choice for any construction site. We understand that productivity and speed are crucial in the mining and construction industries, which is why our modular buildings are quick and easy to assemble, allowing you to get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient workers accommodation solution, choose Pesina. Contact us today to learn more about our modular construction options and how they can benefit your mining or construction site.

Prefab Mining Workers Accommodation

Prefab mining accommodation units with prefab offices, and other facilities are modular temporary buildings including bathrooms, and toilets.

Prefab Staff Accommodation

accommodation for workers

Prefabricated Staff Accommodation units consist all staff in the construction site including managers, engineers, technicians as well as skilled and unskilled workers. 

Pesina provides with comfortable modular site accommodation for different needs and expectations.

What is Integrated Workers Accommodation?

Integrated workers accommodation refers to the inclusion of living quarters for workers within a larger construction or mining facility.

This type of accommodation is designed to be conveniently located within the same site where workers are needed, making it easier for them to access their workplaces and minimizing the time and expense associated with commuting or finding off-site accommodations.

Integrated workers accommodation may take a variety of forms, from simple dormitories to more elaborate modular buildings that offer additional amenities such as kitchens, dining halls, and recreational areas.

Staff Accommodation Facilities

Staff Accommodation facilities and labour accommodation prefabricated are usually needed for locations that are far from towns or where in cities which has high accommodation costs or where it takes time to get to construction site or mining site.

Staff accommodation facilities consist site offices, prefab staff accommodation buildings, dining halls, canteen, ablution facilities etc.

Prefabricated buildings are easy to relocate. Furthermore, when all project is over, buildings can be dismountled, stored and re-used wherever needed.

Apart from the regular buildings, prefabricated camps consist built-in insulation, which makes it comfortable in tough environmental conditions.

We have ready designs and plans according to number of workers which we can share with you for approval prior to quotation.Pesina is a well respected company in prefabricated building construction industry.